Archived Sermons

See the sermons from Pastor Brett DeHart’s “Thrive” Series here:

9/18/11 Thrive 1: Kingdom on Vimeo.

9/25/11 Thrive 2: Healing on Vimeo.

10/2/11 Thrive 3: Filled With the Spirit (Enthusiasm) on Vimeo.

10/9/11 Thrive 4: Blessing on Vimeo.



“The Generous Life” series…

10/23/11 The Generous Life: Presence on Vimeo.

10/30/11 The Generous Life: Gifts on Vimeo.

11/6/11 The Generous Life: Bless on Vimeo.

11/13/11 The Generous Life: Witness on Vimeo.

11/20/11 The Generous Life: Prayers on Vimeo.



“The Journey” series…

11/27/11 The Journey: Mary of Nazareth on Vimeo.

12/4/11 The Journey: Joseph of Bethlehem on Vimeo.

12/11/11 The Journey: Mary’s Visit with Elizabeth on Vimeo.

12/18/11 The Journey: Mary & Joseph to Bethlehem on Vimeo.



Sermons from the New Year, 2012

1/1/12 Two Questions on Vimeo.

1/8/12 Friendship on Vimeo.

1/22/12 United Methodist Understanding of Baptism on Vimeo.

1/29/12 Thank You Jesus! on Vimeo.



An Introduction to the United Methodist Church’s Vital Congregations Initiative

2/7/12 Vital Congregations on Vimeo.

2/12/12 Church as a Who on Vimeo.



Daring to Dream Again

2/19/12 Daring to Dream Again 1 – Let Go of Your Painful Past on Vimeo.

2/26/12 Daring to Dream Again 2: God’s Present Involvement in Our Lives on Vimeo.

3/4/12 Daring to Dream Again 3: Godly Goals on Vimeo.

3/11/12 Daring to Dream Again 4: Empower everything you do for God with prayer on Vimeo.

3/18/12 Daring to Dream Again 5: Confront Your Ungodly Prejudices on Vimeo.

3/25/12 Daring to Dream Again 6: Identifying with God’s Heart for the World on Vimeo.

4/1/12 Daring to Dream Again 7: Moving with God Outside Our Comfort Zones on Vimeo.

4/8/12 EASTER – Daring to Dream Again 8: With God, All Things Are Possible on Vimeo.


4/15/12 Resurrection Living on Vimeo.


4/22/12 Wesley’s Money Rules: Gain, Save, Give on Vimeo.

4/29/12 Forgiveness 1: We Forgive Because We Are Forgiven on Vimeo.

5/6/12 Forgiveness 2 – Forgiving Benefits the Forgiver on Vimeo.

5/13/12 Mother’s Day – Proverbs 31:10-31 on Vimeo.

5/20/12 Sheep or Shepherd on Vimeo.

5/27/12 Pentecost Passion on Vimeo.

6/10/12 Encountering the Word on Vimeo.

6/17/12 Ambassadors for Christ – Greg Rambin on Vimeo.

6/24/12 How Do I Know That I Am a Christian? on Vimeo.

7/1/12 Plain Talk about How to Live (Micah 6:1-8) on Vimeo.

7/8/12 Looking Back and Leaping Forward on Vimeo.

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